Editor for Heider-Simmel Stories

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This is a GitHub project for an editor/simulator framework for generating little emotional stories in the style of the classical Heider Simmel experiments.

The idea is that interaction of simple geometric forms with a limited repertoire of movement patterns can lead to the attribution of complex cognitive interpretations.

This project has been initiated by the chair of cognitive modeling at the University of Tübingen.

Getting started

If you have Java 8 installed, you can simply click on the Executable button above to start the editor.

Alternatively you can download the sources as a zip file and execute the file hssg.jar in the folder jar or compile the project yourself (the main class is A_MenuMain.java in folder storygenerator.menu).

In the editor you can directly start creating your own story or load and modify existing stories. If you are pleased with the result, you may save it to disk. See the file manual.pdf in the folder docs for further information.

Example stories

Included in sources zip, you will find example stories in the folder exampleStories, which you can load using the menu on the top left.

Alternatively you can download the example stories also in the stories&issues forum together with stories uploaded by others.

Upload your stories

You can upload your created stories in order to share them with the world, as follows:

  1. Save the story in the editor by using the menu on the top left.
  2. Click here (you will be asked to login/signin to GitHub if you haven't done yet).
  3. Fill in title and description of your story
  4. Drag and drop your story from the place where you have stored it in step 1 to the description text field.
  5. Make sure to click on the Labels field on the top right and select te tag stories (the field will become green).
  6. Click Submit new issue to make your story public. Others might add questions and comments, so come back every now and then...